Customer Testimonials


“Concept Services has been Tremco’s strategic Lead Management partner for almost a decade. They are a trusted business partner and play a critical role in our business planning each year. We rely on them to not only support our business development needs, but to be our “go to” team for the various types of projects that our sales force and leadership team brings to us; such as profiling data or trade show follow-up calls. They are able to adapt to our needs with ease and flexibility.

They also provide real-time data management through salesforce, which allows me the ability to see our account activity live and more importantly to see the stage of an account at any time during the campaign period. This is invaluable for me as the manager of this program at Tremco.

We ask Concept Services to deliver consistency, professionalism and most importantly, quality and that is what we get!”

Julie Palmer, Market Development Manager
Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance


“We have been working with Concept Services for the last 18 months in the Material Handing Industry. We utilize their Lead Generation services and they have been a great partner for our Business Development efforts. Not only their leads, but their professionalism and organization towards lead generation and prospecting allows us to stay focused on what we do, closing business.

We’ve also used Concept Services to help us with the design and implementation of our instance, and they also provided our team with training to ensure we make the most of our new CRM system. Their experience in the lift truck industry was critical in helping us to set up effectively for our business. Following the implementation, they sent members of their team down to our facility to do a two-day training for our sales reps, management and administrative team. Getting our team trained correctly has proven critical to our roll out of throughout our company.

Concept Services is committed to helping us achieve our goals. If you are looking for a way to cost-effectively extend your sales team’s reach and effectiveness, I would recommend Concept Services.”

Brandon Kirkpatrick, Corporate Aftermarket Sales Manager
Forklift Dealer


“We’ve been working with Concept Services and are very pleased with the results. Everyone involved in the sales process, from their inside sales force to their account managers, all the way up through their business development managers, who make the calls on your companies behalf, are more than professional. I and my colleagues are all very impressed in Concept Services’ ability to quickly adapt to our industry jargon and terminology, which is extremely complex even for our seasoned internal sales force.

The opportunities that have been and are being generated both from the cold and warm call lists that we have sent them are qualified with a high probability of converting. Once Concept Services turns a lead over to you as an ‘Opportunity,’ you can rest assured that they have taken the time to “screen” that lead based on your criteria (which is put together with careful attention in the planning phases). Our account manager Jamie is on top of everything and extremely thorough. Our bi-weekly conference calls with Jamie and David, our BDM, are very helpful in being brought up to speed with the latest direction in which things are moving, clearing up any industry specific questions, and recapping on any challenges that David is running into while speaking to our target customers.

If you are looking to outsource your outbound calling and business development, I highly recommend giving Concept Services a call today. It will end up costing your company more money to hire the wrong people internally than to make the right choice in outsourcing!”

Vinnie Rocco, General Manager
Construction Equipment Dealer


“A key element of the services provided to us by Concept Services is the “rekindling” of the sales cycle with accounts that have not shown an immediate interest to purchase in the past. Concept Services keeps the dialog open, serves as a reminder to the accounts that they need to take action and makes sure that we are first in their mind when they decide they are ready to move.”

Michael Thomas, CEO
Inter-modal Trucking Software


“I was coming onto our project with midstream, with little to no experience with the program. Concept Services was able to walk me through a setup interview to gather the information they needed to set up our instance of in many ways that I wasn’t even aware would be effective for us and our process! They were incredibly patient with our growing pains as our ideas for the use of evolved and expanded during their setup process (in part DUE TO their setup and knowledge of!) They have not only set me up for success with our instance of, they have also made sure that I am efficiently and effectively using the tools at my disposal. I look forward to working with them more in the future!”

Sales Manager
Private Investigative Services 

“The team at Concept Services offered helpful recommendations on how to set up our project in to accomplish our goals. The implementation was completed timely with constant communication throughout the process. We recommend Concept Services and would utilize them again.” Administrator
Logistics Company


“Our company has utilized the business development managers at Concept Services for several years now. We are a professional services company specializing in engineering and automation services. We have a small sales force and needed to augment our sales team with people dedicated to cold-calling both past customers and new prospects. This allows our corporate account managers to focus on “warm” leads rather than spending time on less-productive activities, like cold calling. We worked with Concept to train their personnel on our service capabilities, background and experience, and then developed a list of high-value targets to begin chasing.

The results have been great, and have led to many business opportunities and secured projects that we would most likely not found in our traditional methods. We have continued to work closely with the Concept team to modify our targets, service offerings and approach. We have even expanded the number of hours per month they spend calling on our behalf. If you are looking for a way to cost-effectively extend your sales team’s reach, you should definitely consider Concept Services.”

Vice President
Full Service Process and Automation Engineering Firm based in Ohio


“Concept Services is a highly valued and trusted CRM Partner. They go above and beyond the call of duty to provide us with outstanding support. Best of all, they are 100% committed to helping us achieve our goals.”

Lynn Hoban, Vice President of Marketing
On Time Staffing


“We are extremely satisfied with the lead generation program at Concept Services. Our caller really understands our business and asks relevant questions that lead to appointments. We are forming relationships, quoting equipment and getting orders from large accounts that we were unable to penetrate in the past. If you are looking to increase your market awareness, I strongly recommend Concept Services.”

Pete V., Owner
Forklift Dealer


“Concept Services are smart, nimble and reliable partners in providing a sound business development methodology and results. I would recommend Concept Services with great enthusiasm to anyone who wants to get results through an outsourced arrangement.”

Supply Chain Contact
Supply Chain Company


“I have been working with Concept Services for the past year in the Material Handing Industry. They have been a well due asset addition to my Business Development efforts. Their professionalism and organization is something that brings peace of mind to the chaotic world of lead generation and prospecting. They even have been able to “convert” some of my “old fashion” sales reps over.”

Material Handling Company
Lift Trucks


“I use Concept Services as a vendor for my job and they bring results!”

Marketing Communications Manager
Supply Chain – Total Management Solutions


“You just cannot understand how much better this is than what I am used to. Seriously, I had two legitimate leads in 2 years that were from our Lead Generation group back when I was in DCC. You all have generated 2 leads for me just this week. Am I happy, Oh yes! Thanks and keep up the great work.”

Director, New Business Development
Supply Chain – Logistics


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