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As a logistics provider, you believe your organization manages your customers’ supply chains better than the competition. Can you say the same about how you manage the logistical processes of lead management?

Each day your company could be presented with; website leads, inbound phone calls, outbound phone calls, trade show leads, referrals, and more. The most successful logistics providers are treating their leads as if they are the most valuable freight moving through a supply chain. Concept Services’ assists logistics providers to create processes for a more efficient lead management program.

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As someone who has been working in Salesforce for ten plus years and has consulted and implemented Salesforce into many organizations, I thought I had a handle on Chatter. It often is made fun of, the “social media” of Salesforce, and until recently, I agreed with that. Boy, was I wrong. First, a little background on what Chatter (technically) is and how long it has been around.

Chatter was launched in private beta in February 2010, to 100 companies with rave reviews and was ultimately expanded to more than 5,000 customers due to overwhelming demand. With Chatter, employees and teams get immediate insight into their company’s programs, projects, people, customers, cases, documents and business data that is pushed to them, delivering new levels of social intelligence. (Source).

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Author: Jason Wisener

I had the pleasure of being a mentor to an employee that struggled to present in front of people or interact in a group setting. During conversations, with this individual, they shared that they learned that being uncomfortable was not easy, but necessary in growing professionally. We worked together to place them in situations where they had to present on a weekly basis and attend networking events. After months of practice, this person is now extremely confident in their presentation skills. It has been a proud coaching moment for me, but I also learned from it as well.

How many days do you go through the same motions at work? Do you go to work believing you have enough knowledge to achieve your daily tasks? If the answer is yes, you are not growing; you have become too comfortable. Below are four ways to break out of the monotony of comfortable.

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Author: Lauren Zak
Business Unit Director, Concept Services

Think of a friend who you’ve built a solid relationship with. They most likely know the daily demands of your life, your plans for the future, and the hurdles you are up against. Then recall a friend whom you have kept in touch with over the years, but only hear from when they need a favor. When you need advice, when you need support, whom do you call?

The same question transfers into the business world, especially in the Material Handling Industry. When a customer finds themselves in the position to purchase equipment or resolve a service need, whom do they call? The salesperson who has built a relationship with them, or the salesperson who shows up when a deal is out for bid?

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Photo Credit: AISA / Everett

Seneca the Younger, a first-century Roman philosopher, is often attributed with originating the quote “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Nearly 21 centuries later, I would say the guy was pretty much right on target. I am not sure if luck is part of the equation, but preparing for opportunity is certainly a key component to any successful sales story.

When it comes to facilitating lead generation and new business development conversations with prospects, there are few things more important than preparation.

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Author: Bryan Holzinger

So you have made the decision to specialize your sales operation with a dedicated prospecting and lead management function; now how do you get buy-in and adoption from your sales team?

This is a common challenge our partners face when rolling out a new business development program. Placing an emphasis on prospecting efforts and tracking leads will bring a higher level of activity to manage, new processes to learn, and more visibility and conversation regarding the sales pipeline; none of which the typical sales rep will immediately get excited to add into their day-to-day. Continue reading

Tug O War

Closing vs. Prospecting Tug-A-War: It’s time to Specialize Your Sales Team

Author, Jeff Harsh

It’s not a surprise that companies and their sales reps are torn between “ABC – Always Be Closing” and “Fill Your Sales Funnel”. The fact is, closing the current deal and building the next sales opportunity are not only two different (yet equally important) stages of the sales process, but they each require their own focus and unique skill sets.

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