Employee Testimonials

At Concept Services, we recognize that our employees are our greatest asset. This is not just clever phrasing, rather it is an observation and a reality. The individuals who make up our organization are some of the most hard-working and talented people around, which they have to be in order to make the most of our training process and meet the needs of our clients.

Jobs are temporary, but your career is a life-long endeavor. Here are a few testimonials from just a few of our career minded team members about what it is like to come onboard at Concept Services.

  1. ”The people here are exceptional at what they do and they coach you to be a winner.”

    I am very pleased and impressed with the entire onboarding experience with Concept Services. This is a fast-paced, fun company with a future that I am excited to be a part of!

    From the interviews by phone, in-person, and the outstanding training program offered, I have never felt so welcomed and valued from day one. The people here are exceptional at what they do and they coach you to be a winner.

    Concept Services has much to offer a professional, career-minded person.

  2. ”The account managers are invested in your success; they provide you with the tools and the training you need to be successful.”

    Interview Process

    The interview process is very open and honest. Throughout the course of the interview process, all of the people involved give a really good, detailed description of what your daily responsibilities will be if hired. They are happy to share both the positives of their company and the Business Development Manager (BDM) role, as well as the negatives and potential difficulties that new BDM’s may face.

    Initial Training

    Training may seem a bit lengthy for some, but it is really designed to put you in a position to be successful right way. You will go over the company handbook, as well as the commission plan, benefits and the foundations of the company. Despite Concept Service’s extremely fast growth, the President, Dan Harsh, still finds time during your first day to talk to new BDM’s about the founding of the company and the company’s core values and business model.

    After that, new BDM’s are given extensive training with our CRM software. This training was instrumental in ensuring that as a new BDM, I could be successful right away. Additionally, being able to sit in with top-performing BDM’s will allow you to learn hands-on techniques that have made other BDM’s very successful.

    On-going Training

    Once you are assigned to your accounts, you will be training mainly with your account manager, who will prepare you to succeed with the specificity needed for the account on which you are placed. My account managers both spent a lot of time with me, helping me to improve in my new role. They are instrumental in preparing you to be a successful BDM. The account managers are invested in your success; they provide you with the tools and the training you need to be successful. As you settle into your account further, they are available for any questions that, as a new BDM, you will inevitably have.


    Concept Services and those that are part of the onboarding and training process, make it clear that you are an asset, and they treat you accordingly. If you are willing to learn, invest yourself in getting better, and use the constructive criticism given to you, you can be immediately successful in your role as a new BDM.

  3. ”…everyone has been very helpful answering the questions I’ve had along the way.”

    The Interview Process

    Very thorough. It was obvious from the start that a lot of care is put into deciding who will represent Concept Services on the client’s behalf. That care is personified in the people I’ve had the pleasure of working around since coming on-board.

    Initial Training

    The small class size was very welcoming and seemed to help ensure everyone was on the same page before moving from topic to topic. Our trainer did a good job of making sure that was the case as well.  I was also a big fan of how Dan Harsh, President, came in on our second day to share the story of how Concept Services came into being, it really put things in perspective to say the least.

    Second Week of Training/Introduction to Our Accounts

    Information overload, but in a good way. It really put everything I learned in training to the test. The biggest learning curve is getting used to how Salesforce is used for each individual client. I quickly realized how important it is that everything is updated that needs to be before moving from account to account to ensure the pipeline is effectively managed from day to day. I also realized the best way to learn Salesforce is to take the time to play around with it. I liked that we basically got the 10,000 foot view of it in training with the intent of us learning by using. Also, everyone has been very helpful answering the questions I’ve had along the way.

  4. ”I came to Concept Services to work and advance my career, and I never feel that my efforts are unappreciated or go unnoticed.”

    Interview Process

    Like everyone, I spoke with Adam and discussed Concept Services after submitting my resume. What was supposed to be a 10-minute conversation lasted an hour. He asked me what I knew about the job and I told him what I realize now to be little more than nothing. I appreciated that he and everyone I spoke with took the time to answer any questions I had. I also appreciated the honest feedback I was given. It helped me to take a step back and realize that this was a company I wanted to be part of. More importantly it helped me understand why that was the case.

    Initial Training

    So far, this has been my favorite part of my new career choice. I enjoy learning and the training did just that. I came from a job that I had been doing for over three years, I felt I had a good base for knowing how to handle any phone job. Despite having some difficulties when I went through training, I learned a lot about the role of a BDM, but I also learned that I have a lot more to learn. Training sort of helped me rethink how I approached making phone calls. It helped me change my thought process around how I felt a business phone call should be gone about.

    On-Going Training

    The training does not stop after you leave the training room. It continues beyond the first week and I have experienced this each day since then. Despite my experience, I will say that as long as you open yourself up to learning you can always be taught something new. The Account Managers are willing to not only give you feedback but listen to your ideas. My life experience has been that when I feel free to express my ideas my potential for growth has no limits.


    Concept Services is a great place to work and continue my career. It is very clear from the moment you have your first phone interview that time and effort is put into who they decide to employ. It is not a situation where they go about filling positions in a nonchalant way. It is mutually beneficial environment where you are expected to expect yourself to do well. I came to Concept Services to work and advance my career, and I never feel that my efforts are unappreciated or go unnoticed. This is something that if you haven’t had before, you won’t want to go without after you get it.

  5. ”I am excited to continue on my accounts, and I appreciate the constant encouragement from my managers and pretty much every employee at CS.”

    Interview Process

    My first interview at Concept Services was with Greg Harsh. He was friendly and excited to speak with me. Greg shared the mission and origins of Concept Services and the general responsibilities of a BDM, including some of the struggles. I had my in-person interview with Adam Jarvis and Rich Ehas. Adam was very straightforward in describing the position, and also spoke about the company growth and future, which was incredibly exciting to hear. I then met with Rich, we spoke mainly about my background, but Rich ensured me the group of individuals working at CS are friendly and a great team to work with. Overall, I would say the interview process was fast, realistic and motivating. After hearing so much about the company growth, opportunities to control your own commission, and friendly environment I was extremely excited to join as a BDM.

    Initial Training

    The first week of training at Concept Services is both exciting and a bit daunting at times. Meeting with Dan the first day of training was exceptional. I have never worked for a company, or heard of a company this size where the President sits in with new-hires to explain the company origins and express his sincere enthusiasm to welcome you to his company. CRM training was very thorough and logical, and I enjoyed the practice scenarios of logging information into salesforce.com. In the middle of the week, I felt nervous to get on the phone, and was anxious to move forward. I then understood in my second week of training, how truly important CRM is, and how using it seamlessly allows for your focus to be on the phone. Adam spent time focusing on our thought processes, which most definitely helped correct any problems identifying information correctly in the system. Overall the first week of training was very successful, and I enjoyed it.

    On-going Training

    Going into the “training tank” can best be described as ripping off the band-aid. After a full week of anticipation I was nervous to get on the phone, but with each hour of calling I felt exponentially more comfortable. In the first two weeks I had either Jason Wisener, Jared Soell or Pat Moran listening to my calls and editing my call process. I took points from all three of them and came up with my own style during that time. Jason, Jared, and Pat are incredibly helpful and I feel I can reach out to them for help without hesitation. Having Jason sitting in the training tank with us was incredible. I asked him a million questions and he is always ready to answer your questions and explain the process. I am excited to continue on my accounts, and I appreciate the constant encouragement from my managers and pretty much every employee at CS.

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