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Getting Started


Kickoff Meeting

  • Generally held at client’s office, sometimes conducted via conference call
  • Attending this meeting is the Concept Services’ team and client’s team
  • Concept Services will provide a meeting agenda
  • Objective of this meeting is to gain an understanding of client’s product/services, review objectives and expectations, discuss logistics of working together, and determine data source for campaign.

Campaign Overview

  • After the Kickoff Meeting, Concept Services will develop a document called the Campaign Overview.
  • This document will include the strategy and approach to be used for the campaign.
  • The overview will include the call outline, email templates, sample reporting, and more.
  • This document is presented and reviewed in detail to the client.
  • This is generally conducted at Concept Services’ facility.

Product Training

  • Prior to starting the campaign, the client will be asked to visit our office to meet the BDM assigned to work on their account.
  • The client is asked to provide training to the Concept Services’ sales team.
  • Concept Services will provide the client with a training agenda that outlines specific items we wish to be included in the training.
  • Training time with the BDM will be considered the first billable day. Training will be ongoing and will be reviewed and discussed as the program progresses.

Starting your Account

  •  During the initial 30-60 days The Performance Manager will work directly
    with the BDM observing them make calls as well as making calls on
    their own.
  • The purpose of this process is to test the approach and to provide early feedback. They will also review all Call Sheets and documentation made by the BDM for overall quality and to make sure the BDM is maintaining the objective of the call. Discussion topics:
    • What is and is not working?
    • Is our approach effective?
    • Does the prospect understand what we are discussing?
    • Are we able to get to the appropriate person?
    • What part of the database/market have we been focusing our calls?

Management & Administration

Concept Services will provide all management and administrative services required to execute this program including:

  • BDM’s activity levels (phone calls, appointments, follow-ups, etc.)
  • Insure BDM is working according to the sales disciplines required by Concept Services
  • Administer fulfillment of sending marketing literature to interested prospects
  • Manage and maintain contact database
  • Provide complete sales activity reporting
  • Monthly review meetings with the client to review activity levels and marketing information

Ownership of Data

  • All information gathered during this program is the sole property of our
  • Concept Services will not reuse, share or sell this information in any manner or format.

 Location of Work

  • Our BDM will work out of Concept Services’ office located in
    Medina, OH.
  • Our client is invited to visit our location at anytime and encouraged to come and sit with their BDM at anytime.

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