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Released 2012-01-17

February 2012, Concept Services starts their 11th year in business.   In the last 10 years much has happened to define the success of our company. 

At the top of the list are the employees that made a decision to weather the changes with us.  We have been blessed to have quality individuals help us grow to where we are today.  In a company of 30 or more employees we are proud to acknowledge that over 40% of our team has been with us 3 years or more, some the life of the company. 

As we head into 2012 we continue to define who we are.  However, our core belief of separating new business development from sales is still the message. 

We have evolved and seem to excel in a couple key verticals; supply chain and material handling.   Our customer base has matured, and like our team, has made a decision to grow with us.  So, a special thanks to all the companies that made a decision to work with us over these past years.

We are poised for growth and look forward to the future.


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