The Road to a Successful Campaign

We talk a lot about our process and how our discipline to it leads to success for your company, but it is important to understand that this process doesn’t just begin at any arbitrary point in time. It starts with our initial interaction and stays healthy and productive via ongoing communication with our client.

Needless to say, our objective is to become a vital part of your company’s sales process, and we are committed to providing the level of results your company needs.


  1. Kickoff Meeting

    Kickoff Meeting

    This is the first step in getting a new campaign started. This face-to-face meeting will take place at either our offices or the office of our client. Participating in this meeting will be key client personnel and the Concept Services’ Team. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the client’s product or service, objectives, expectations, and the logistics that will be required from both parties to make it successful.

  2. Strategy & Approach

    Strategy & Approach

    This is where the Concept Services Team goes to work. This stage immediately follows the Kickoff Meeting. With almost a decade and a half of experience, Concept Services is tasked with developing an approach on how we will position our client. This is packaged and presented back to the client in a formal document called the Campaign Overview. This document is comprised of:

    • Call Outlines
    • Email Templates
    • Approved data sources (provided by our client or by Concept Services). All data is the property of the client.
    • Sample reporting
  3. Process Development

    Process Development

    Process and our Discipline to it is a core value at Concept Services. We provide lead generation, but our process is the value-add. It is in the development and the execution of our process that makes the difference in any lead generation initiative.

    • Our CRM platform creates a high level of accountability and interface with the customer.
    • Managerial KPI dashboards provide real-time activity of our services (dashboard snapshot)
    • Our process helps minimize the amount of time our customers need to allocate to manage our relationship, which is our job.
    • Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly review calls to strategize and to discuss what is working and what is not.
  4. Disciplined Prospecting

    Disciplined Prospecting

    This stage means exactly what it says a disciplined approach to our prospecting process. Our business has been built on the premise that discipline is a key element in the success of finding qualified new prospects for our customers. Concept Services finds that discipline in the people they employee.

    • A dedicated management team is assigned to the client.
    • A dedicated resource (BDM) is assigned to the campaign to develop and ensure client product knowledge.
    • The BDM calls as an employee of the client. They are provided with company and client-branded tools to accomplish this.
    • The BDM is measured against proven metrics; call volume, completed calls, etc.
  5. Qualified Meetings

    Qualified Meetings

    This stage is our deliverable. Our leads match the agreed upon criterion that our client has provided for the campaign, which describes what constitutes a qualified opportunity. It is our task to fulfill that. All qualified meetings, conference calls, and WebEx’s are evaluated against the criteria for the campaign and our internal quality standards before they are approved to be positioned to our customer.

  6. Pipeline for Tomorrow

    Pipeline for Tomorrow

    This stage is the end goal for our process and it is also our motto, “It is not about closing a sale today, but about building a pipeline for tomorrow”. It is Concept Services’ Process and Discipline that is executed by our employees and followed-through with by our clients that drives the success for each campaign. We measure our success by the successes our client has throughout the longevity of each campaign. Our clients rely on us to provide them with qualified opportunities that they can nurture and close for years to come.

Learn more about how we approach and follow-through with our clients and their campaigns by clicking on these sections to see a general overview of each. Or, contact Concept Services to learn more about the flexible and diverse services we provide to our clients.



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