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With over a decade of experience in new business development and lead generation, Concept Services Ltd. has relied on CRM as the catalyst for how to manage a sales pipeline and various aspects of business. Having worked in a variety of CRMs across multiple industry types, we understand the value and benefit of an effective implementation and roll out of CRM. With this experience and a team of Salesforce certified professionals, we are able to provide you with a dedicated partner to help align your business strategy with your system.  Click here to download our CRM Division case study.

Industry Experience:

Our Salesforce experience covers a multitude of industries, however we have expertise in the material handling, supply chain, construction and manufacturing industries. With our Lead Generation experience in the aforementioned industries, we bring a unique viewpoint as to how your instance should be designed to maximize the efforts of marketing, sales and customer service. In addition to the above industries, we focus on working with customers in Northeast Ohio. Many of our customers reside in the Cleveland, Akron and Canton areas and we enjoy being able to have a personal relationship with these customers.

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  1. Process Design/Implementation

    Defining and understanding the goals and strategy of your business are the first steps to an effective implementation. We work alongside your team throughout this process to provide you with best practices on how to effectively manage your business through the use of Salesforce. Our team will work to design Salesforce to effectively meet the requirements.

  2. Support

    Following an implementation of Salesforce, users tend to ask for additional functionality, fields, or have just general questions regarding your system. We provide full system support options both on an as-needed hourly basis and a monthly basis so your team is never without the support they need.

  3. Virtual Administrator

    A strong Salesforce Administrator is hard to identify within your organization. In addition, there are common pitfalls companies make when hiring for this role. Concept Services offers a Virtual Salesforce Administrator that is able to leverage their experience across multiple companies and has access to our development team.

  4. Consulting

    Our experienced team takes a comprehensive approach when assisting you in getting past your major hurdles and helping you achieve your business goals. Your organization will receive individual attention from one of our experts. With experts available on a consulting basis, we ensure your goals will be implemented successfully, with the highest quality standards and in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

  5. Training

    We understand that Salesforce is only as good as the people using it. We’ve worked with, trained and coached sales teams of all sizes across a variety of industries on how to use and profit from more effectively using your CRM system.

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