Driver Recruitment

It’s hard to sell if you don’t have drivers to get your product to your customers!

In 2005, Concept Services began working with our first asset based transportation customer. Since then we have continued to work with many supply chain and trucking companies providing lead generation and inbound lead management services.

In 2013, we launched our Driver Recruitment Group at the request of those same companies. They wanted the process and discipline we brought to their sales efforts to also help them achieve their goals for driver recruitment.

Today, we continue to support these customers by working with their internal team of recruiters to increase the number of qualified CDL Class A licensed Company Drivers and Owner Operators. From regional to national carriers, we can use our extensive experience in the industry to help you reach your goals.

  1. Driver Recruitment – Overview


    • To provide trucking companies with quality drivers and provide drivers with quality trucking companies

    Sample Performance Metrics

    • 50-60 outbound calls per 4 hours
    • Number of conversations with drivers
    • Percent of contacted drivers converted to qualified & interested applicants
    • Plan and strategy for follow-up with non-interested or unresponsive drivers
  2. Driver Care Program

    The Driver Care Program is focused on the improvement of driver retention. It provides truck companies an avenue to stay in touch with their current drivers by providing real-time feedback.

    Regardless of the driver’s concern; Low Wages, Not Enough Home Time or Lack of Communication, it allows the truck companies to address the situation before a driver is a retention statistic.

  3. What Is Required

    Data Lists

    • Your Data, More Results
      • Current data (improve current recruiting process)
      • Aged data (past applicants that have not been followed up within a timely manner)
      • Data received from inbound calls or web submissions

    Data Management

    • A managed database is how you are able to create benchmarks and goals
    • Concept Services provides you with insight into your data by way of a customer portal in CRM

    Concept Services requires:

    • Client provides their dedicated Concept Services’ employee with a company branded Voice Mailbox, Caller ID Number and Email Address

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Driver Recruitment & Driver Shortage solutions

Customer Testimonial

“Having a liaison between the Drivers and Carriers is exactly what we need. Someone who has the best intentions for both parties.”

Truck Driver

“I am surprised you guys are still talking to me….the last three recruiters hung up on me before I could explain all of my qualifications.”

Truck Driver

Concept Services